Henry Lem

Educator | Researcher | Writer | Martial Artist

Martial Arts

In 2022 I started an Instagram account called @bjjmixtapes, with the goal of documenting the martial arts journey of jiujitsu practitioners in the community. At the time I was training at Elite Team Monterey, and that was where BJJ Mixtapes was born. It began with a rough recording of me sparring with my friend Jose who is a brown belt in Jiujitsu. Eventually I started filming mixtapes that would feature origin stories and rolling footage of other members in our gym, and even a black belt vs. black belt roll for our coaches. At present I mainly make mixtape reels of members from KoffeeKrew, which is a Sunday 7:30 am rolling crew started in 2011 by Professor Francisco "Kiko" Gonzalez of Solidarity Jiu Jitsu San Jose. I am still looking to make mixtapes for practitioners which would feature their origin story and tailored rolling footage, so feel free to connect with me below!