Henry Lem

Educator | Researcher | Writer | Martial Artist


Hi there and welcome!

I am Henry Lem, and I am a writer and educator. When I was 20 years old, I decided to go on the PhD track and learned under the guidance of my professors in the US and in Taiwan. I had success teaching K-12 and in higher education, publishing research articles about Chinese literature, and presenting at academic conferences. In the past few years I served as Assistant Professor and Team Leader at the Defense Language Institute, where I led my teaching team in operating a 64-week intensive Chinese language and culture curriculum for our military service members. I spend much of my time in Silicon Valley, where I read, write, and work, in between training Brazilian Jiujitsu.

I started this website to continue reflecting on the process of self-education, wellness, and living. I am writing on topics I wish I could read about: resilience, living the good life, turn of the century Asian American identity, martial arts, parenting, research, reading, learning, and culture.

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